Mobilehome Burstner

The Mobilhome Burstner brand is located in green and shaded area. The landscape in front with trees and woods. Not far it flows a stream in some places with waterfalls and swimming pools.

The structure consists of: a double bedroom with double accessible from three sides, furniture and a small desk.
The central part is used per day with a corner dinette that can also be transformed into a bed; before this there is a full kitchen with refrigerator, sink, stove, range hood and microwave.
In the last part of the house there are another bedroom with two single beds and a bathroom with toilet sink and shower.

In include boiler for hot water and air conditioning with heat pump and then to warm or cool air.

max 6 adult e 1 children 


It's perfect for 4 adult and 1 children

0 MH18
01 MH55
Burstner bagno
Burstner dinette